Brent Cunning

I’m a physiotherapist and founder of HomeBase Rehabilitation, a physical therapy service delivered in the comfort of your own home. I come directly to your home so you can skip the traffic, cab fares, parking fees, waiting rooms and other frustrations of multiple visits to a physiotherapy clinic.

I focus mainly on using exercise, movement and education to help teach you how to achieve resolution or management of frustrating painful conditions like sciatica, stenosis, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

Many people don’t realize that their home is like a fully equipped rehabilitation gym! Most exercises that are needed to resolve painful conditions do not require specialized equipment in a clinic. These stretches and strengthening exercises can be self-directed and performed within the safety and comfort of your own home.

I firmly believe in collaborative care and, as such, I work together with you and anyone else in your health care team like your family doctor, nurse practitioner or personal support worker to build a customized treatment plan. I make sure you are making consistent improvements under my care by tracking objective measures of your progress and reviewing them with you on each visit.

Brent Cunning, Physiotherapist
Homebase Rehabilitation
In-home physiotherapy and
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