Kay Casler

Mobile Foot Care Nurse

Wellness Coach for Skin

Related Problems

As a Registered Nurse with clinical experience working in both dermatologists’ and plastic surgeons’ offices I offer medical foot care treatment for everyone, especially seniors. This service can be provided to those living in apartments, who own homes, or are living in retirement and nursing homes.

The one hour visit and treatment is customized for each client according to his or her needs of toenails, skin, and overall wellbeing of the feet and requires having the client safely pre-soaking their feet before the scheduled appointment. A carefulassessment and examination of both feet is done and a basic or advanced foot care treatment is provided. Further explanation is given to the client with at-home preventative measures to boost the quality of daily life and to improve the safety and comfort measures.

I also inspect their footwear, do a walking assessment, provide a full foot massage up to the knees, teach foot exercises, and make in-home suggestions for each client until the next visit in eight weeks time.

Are you ready to have “HAPPY FEET”? Call Kay at 519-439-3426 so you can feel this for yourself!

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